Photography and Filming

Visitors to the branches of the Art Museum of Estonia may take photos and videos as long as they do not use a flash or a tripod and do not bother other visitors.

Photography and filming for commercial use is subject to a fee and must be agreed upon beforehand: Kumu Art Museum, Kadriorg Art Museum, Mikkel Museum, Niguliste Museum or Adamson-Eric Museum. The museum reserves the right to deny this privilege.

Price include VAT
Kumu Art Museum
In Kumu and in the Kumu courtyard 156 € / h
Kadriorg Art Museum, Mikkel Museum, Niguliste Museum and ja Adamson-Eric Museum
Photography and filming outside of the museum’s opening hours 396 € / h
Photography and filming sessions for private persons up tp 30 min (from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) 90 €

Photography and filming in the branch museums are free for journalists reporting on exhibitions, events and buildings.

For permission, please contact our communications department at

Communications Department

Please wear a mask when visiting.