The Art Museum of Estonia regularly organises conferences on art and art history in close cooperation with both Estonian and international research institutions and museums. The presentations of major conferences are published in the Proceedings of the Art Museum of Estonia or in separate conference collections. The tradition of conferences stresses the inherent links between exhibition and research activities and also supports the study and contextualisation of Estonian art.

A significant part of the operation of the Kumu Art Museum consists of international conferences dealing mostly with the art and visual culture of the 20th and 21st centuries.

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The conferences held in the Kadriorg Art Museum are connected to the exhibitions in the Kadriorg Art Museum, as well as in the Mikkel Museum. The focus of these conferences is on 16th- to 20th-century art and the reception thereof, visual culture, the technical examination of artworks and the history of art collecting and private art collections.

Topics of the conferences at the Niguliste Museum are related to medieval and early modern ecclesiastical art and visual culture, heritage, conservation and the technical examination of artworks.

The conferences at the Adamson-Eric Museum deal with the Estonian art of the 20th century and women artists.

Women Artists in Baltic and Nordic Museums (05.–06.03.2020) at the Kumu Art Museum