Watercolor painting 10/02/2022 | 16:30

Kumu Art Museum
August Pulst. Vaade Pirita jõelt. 1923. Eesti Kunstimuuseum
Art course

Watercolor painting

Coourse dates: 10.02 & 17.02 16.30–19.00
The instructor is Malle-Reet Heidelberg, an artist and painting restorer.

The course will be held in Estonian, but English translation is possible.

Watercolour is a beautiful and picturesque medium that offers both beginners and advanced art enthusiasts the joy of discovery. The course includes an introduction to watercolour techniques, and experimenting with various brushstrokes, textures and colour transitions. The first lesson starts with landscape painting aided by photos. If they wish, the students can also bring their own photos. Depending on the progress, the second class may also include experimenting with composition in the studio.
All of the necessary materials will be provided, but if they wish the students may bring their own.

Visiting the exhibitions is free on the day of the class!