Published 14/06/2021 | 14:03

Another webinar on the research project Michel Sittow in the North? in June

Participants at the web seminar. Photo: Niguliste Museum

Another web seminar on the research project Michel Sittow in the North? Altarpieces in Dialogue took place on 8 June, organised by the research team of the Art Museum of Estonia. This time, the meeting focused on Tallinn as a medieval art centre and the masters who were active here. The main focal point of the seminar was the Bollnäs altarpiece.

At the seminar, the presentations of the art historians Elina Räsänen and Jan von Bonsdorff addressed the topic. The latter viewed the masters, active in Tallinn and their networks. Elina Räsänen raised the research questions proceeding from the Finnish materials, and introduced the research project Carving out Transformations on the use of wood in medieval and Early Modern Age Finland. Jan Friedrich Richter’s presentation examined the Bollnäs sculptures and analysed the possible models and masters.