A World of Patterns 22/03/2024 – 08/09/2024

Kumu Art Museum
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Minimum fee for group 180 € / 200 €.
Youth and adult 20 € / per participant. Children (up to 12 y0) 18 € / per participant.
Prices applicable to groups up to 20 participants, For larger groups please inquare.

Detail Elisar von Kupfferi teoselt „Uus liit“
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A World of Patterns

The programme “A World of Patterns” combines a visit to the exhibition “Elisarion: Elisàr von Kupffer and Jaanus Samma” with a creative workshop at the Kumu Art Studio. The programme is perfect for groups of friends or colleagues, or birthday parties.

Accompanied by a programme facilitator, you will visit the exhibition, which brings together the work of the Baltic-German artist Elisàr von Kupffer (1872–1942) and the Estonian artist Jaanus Samma (b. 1982). Elisàr von Kupffer’s homoerotic paintings, influenced by ancient and Renaissance art, are in dialogue with works by Jaanus Samma, who explores the sexuality of Estonian peasants and queer folk art. The works highlight the relationship between Estonian peasants and the German-speaking elite, a fusion of fear, hostility and desire, and a juxtaposition of the high and the low.

Repetitive motifs and distinctive patterns hold a prominent place in the world of Kupffer’s paintings. Patterns also permeate the wedding rugs on display in the exhibition.

Programmi loovtöö näidis

Inspired by these, participants are invited to try their hand at creating their own patterns as a stained glass panel, which glows with beautiful coloured light.

The workshop does not require previous experience in arts and crafts and is suitable for adults and young people aged 13 and older.

The two-hour programme is available by reservation. Languages: Estonian, English and Russian.