Art Walk. Art in the Comfort Zone? The 2000s in Estonian Art 26/06/2022 | 15:00

Kumu Art Museum
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Exhibition tour

Art Walk. Art in the Comfort Zone? The 2000s in Estonian Art

Drop-in guided tour in English

The Kumu Art Museum offers you a great opportunity to spend your leisure time in a vibrant artistic space. On the last Sunday of every month, we offer a special drop-in guided tour that will introduce one of our exhibitions. Through our museum mediators, you can gain deeper insight into art and history.

The exhibition “Art in the Comfort Zone? The 2000s in Estonian Art” is based primarily on the contemporary art collections of the Art Museum of Estonia and the Tartu Art Museum, offers insights into the art of the noughties; it also sheds light on some less widely known works and ideas that were fully manifested only in the teens. The display is laid out in the form of dialogues between different topics, keywords and motifs, with the purpose of conveying the sensibilities, artists’ positions and viewpoints characteristic of the art of the decade.

Art Walk at Kumu takes place on the last Sunday of every month  at 3 pm.

NB! Check the exact schedule, because national holidays might effect this!

The meeting point is at the museum ticket office.
Tours are with museum admission!
Duration 45 min

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