Art Walk. The Future is in One Hour: Estonian Art in the 1990s 26/05/2024 | 15:00

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Tulevik on tunni aja pärast
Raoul Kurvitz. Pentatonic Color System. Programmid 01, 02 ja 03. 1994/1999/2020. Installatsioon 20 monitorile. Heli: Ariel Lagle. Programmeerimine: Andres Lepp. Eesti Kunstimuuseum
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Art Walk. The Future is in One Hour: Estonian Art in the 1990s

Drop-in guided tour in English

The exhibition departs from the rupture caused in the Estonian society by the end of the Cold War and the regaining of independence. In Estonia, the 1990s were a transition era. The country had been freed from the Soviet Union (1991) and began to rebuild a liberal democratic society based on a market economy. The focus of the exhibition is on new media (photography, videography and installation art) which caused a major shift in the art scene of the day.

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