Art Walk. Vello Vinn: Interreflections 28/06/2020 | 15:00

Kumu Art Museum
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Vello Vinn. Flight. 1977. Art Museum of Estonia
Vello Vinn. Flight. 1977. Art Museum of Estonia
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Art Walk. Vello Vinn: Interreflections

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The works of Vello Vinn (1939) form a noteworthy example of the oeuvre of an Estonian printmaker from the late 1960s and early 1970s, and they boast a holistic and emphatically unique image system. Vinn’s highly original visual world is grounded in his mastery of various printmaking techniques, delicate treatment of images and witty associations. The artist’s play with space and images, his ability to notice details and different levels of meaning offer the public unique viewing experiences. Besides playful images, his works present witty wordplay and warm absurd humour. Through original imagery, the artist has addressed all of the topical issues of his time, including global military conflicts, the environmental impact of a technology-centred world, and the estrangement accompanying urbanisation. He has done this through major philosophical generalisations which still ring true.