Autumn Jazz 2022: Kaspar Kalluste 30/10/2022 | 17:00

Kumu Art Museum


Autumn Jazz 2022: Kaspar Kalluste Photo: Sohvi Viik-Kalluste

Autumn Jazz 2022: Kaspar Kalluste

Asukoht: Kumu auditoorium

Duration: 1h 15min

For a number of years, the diverse and in-demand drummer Kaspar Kalluste has also been active as a composer and a producer.

Since graduating from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Kalluste has played in the jazz ensembles Frank Frank, Carrot Lights, the Paul Daniel Kvartett, Arcticum, Raul Sööt Deeper Sound and his own trio, accompanied by the bassist Marti Tärn and the guitarist Virgo Sillamaa. The trio and the vocalist Kadri Voorand recorded the album “Koletise tagasitulek”.

The music and drum playing of Kaspar Kalluste can be heard at concerts and on the albums of dozens of Estonian pop and rock artists. At Autumn Jazz, Kalluste will introduce a new programme with an intriguing quintet, whose minimalist and multi-layered music mixes the colours of jazz with electronics.