Bernt Notke – Between Innovation and Tradition 11/06/2009 – 25/04/2010

Niguliste Museum
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Bernt Notke – Between Innovation and Tradition

In the year 2009, five hundred years will have passed since the death of Bernt Notke (ca. 1430/40–1509) – one of the most famous artists of the late-medieval Baltic Sea region. Notke, who was an outstanding painter and wood carver, worked mainly in Lübeck and Stockholm and ran a large workshop. He lived on the border between the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times, and his work is characterised by a combination of centuries-old traditions and innovative motifs, techniques and materials. Tallinn has two of Notke’s masterpieces: Danse Macabre in the Niguliste Museum, and the retable of the high altar in the Church of the Holy Ghost. Other better known works of art by Notke can be found in Lübeck, Stockholm and Århus. The aim of the photo exhibition is to give an overview of the works produced in Notke’s workshop and to explain the historical and liturgical context of his work.

Curator: Anu Mänd
Exhibition design: Liina Siib