Cerebrum, the Realities Maker Company Les faiseurs de réalités, Belgium 18/03/2024

Kumu Art Museum

Kumu Auditorium


Cerebrum, the Realities Maker Company Les faiseurs de réalités, Belgium

Performance is in French, with English subtitles.

What if reality was just figment of our imagination?

When we compare the human brain to the universe, some surprising similarities arise. By the countless number of cells that compose it and the innumerable bonds between them, the brain is as impenetrable as the universe is infinite. The great fascination for the study of the brain rests upon the hope Men place in it to understand what they are and to delve even deeper into the exploration of the meaning of their existence.

A former biophysicist specialised in cerebral plasticity, now actor, Yvain Juillard invites us in his “lecture-show” to explore the inner workings of our mind, and in so doing, question the multi-faceted nature of reality itself.

The brain, seat of our memories, our perceptions, our very identity, remains an organ which is both intimate and mysterious, as most of us know very little about it. This show, through simple and entertaining experiments, aims to convey to the public the latest scientific knowledge on the topic. A unique opportunity to discuss recent discoveries in neuroscience in layman’s terms.

A show by and starring Yvain Juillard
Outside Eye Olivier Boudon, Joseph Lacrosse, Lorent Wanson
Sound Marc Doutrepont
Lighting and Stage Management Vincent Tandonnet
Video Stefano Serra & Robin Yerlès
Neuroscientific advice Yves Rossetti (CNRS-INSERM), Céline Cappe (CerCo / CNRS)
Production, distribution and press Caroline Goutaudier
Accompaniment Isabelle Jans
Photos Hichem Dahès
Created by Reality makers / Compagny Yvain Juillard.
Supported by Théâtre de Namur (Belgium)/ Centre Dramatique, CORRIDOR and Fabrique de Théâtre (Belgium), L’L (Belgium), Aube Boraine (Belgium)/ Mons 2015, Théâtre de la Balsamine (Belgium), Centre Culturel de Colfontaine (Belgium), Théâtre de la Vie (Belgium), La Loge (Paris), Théâtre Varia (Belgium), Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles / Multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary projects department and Wallonie-Bruxelles International.

With the support of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Service Général de la Création Artistique -Theatre management.

Recognised as being of general interest by the CNRS France

2020 winner of the Label d’Utilité Publique / Cocof

Coup de coeur of the Avignon Festival 2022