Concordia Klar and Peeter Ulas 13/08/2015 – 31/12/2015

Kumu Art Museum
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Peeter Ulas. Kompositsioon sinise linnuga (detail). 1983. Segatehnika. Eesti Kunstimuuseum

Concordia Klar and Peeter Ulas

Location: 4th floor, Cabinet of Prints and Drawings

The early drawings of the printmaker couple Concordia Klar (1938–2004) and Peeter Ulas (1934–2008) predicted the growing interest in Surrealism in Estonian art in the 1960s and 1970s. These extraordinary early drawings were never developed into engravings, yet they are vital from the point of view of understanding the oeuvre of both artists.

Peeter Ulas graduated from the State Art Institute in Tallinn in 1959 and he quickly became one of Estonia’s leading artists. In his prints, Ulas created imaginary visions and often revealed a daring utopian spatial perception. His early pencil drawings toyed with the possibilities of Surrealism.

Concordia Klar graduated from the State Art Institute in Tallinn in 1963 and became involved with the innovative movement inspired by Surrealism. A characteristic image in her prints is a lithe female figure with a musical instrument in a suggestively imaginary picture space. This motif can be traced back to her early work. Klar’s surrealist drawings have seldom been exhibited.

Curator: Anne Untera
Exhibition designer: Inga Heamägi
Conservator: Margit Pajupuu