Curator’s tour at the exhibition “Through the Black Gorge of Your Eyes” 13/09/2023 | 17:00

Kumu Art Museum
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Marju Mutsu. Gaze. 1976. Art Museum of Estonia
Exhibition tour

Curator’s tour at the exhibition “Through the Black Gorge of Your Eyes”

A curator’s tour in English will take place at the Kumu Art Museum’s exhibition “Through the Black Gorge of Your Eyes”.

In the second half of the 1960s, a remarkable number of women artists emerged who regenerated graphic art in the late-Soviet period in various ways. The exhibition brings together works by Concordia Klar (1938–2004), Silvi Liiva (1941), Marju Mutsu (1941–1980), Naima Neidre (1943), Kaisa Puustak (1945), Marje Taska (1955), Vive Tolli (1928–2020), Aili Vint (1941), Mare Vint (1942–2020) and Marje Üksine (1945) from the 1960s–1980s. Their art serves as a keyhole through which the peculiarities of Soviet graphic art are revealed. Yet, these works and the topics they deal with also position themselves smoothly in today’s art scene.

The display has conditionally been divided into different chapters that unfold as the viewer passes through the exhibition space: the relationship between humans and nature, different approaches to the body, roles assigned to people socially or taken on personally, interfaces with heritage and folklore, the impact of human activity on the environment and its repercussions, the poetry of mundane reality, the dark vibrations of existence, and the multifaceted experiences of womanhood, motherhood and ageing. An important notion is the circle of friends, reflected in the polyphonic conversation created between different artistic positions and approaches.

Curators: Maria Arusoo, Eha Komissarov and Eda Tuulberg
Exhibition design: Edith Karlson and Maria Luiga
Graphic design: Brit Pavelson
Coordinator: Magdaleena Maasik
Senior art handler: Tõnis Medri