Kumu 17: Curator’s tour of the exhibition Art or Science 19/02/2023 | 14:00

Kumu Art Museum
Birthday special

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Illustration for the book Illustrationes algarum (Illustrations of Algae) by A. Postels and F. J. Ruprecht. St Petersburg, 1840
Exhibition tour

Kumu 17: Curator’s tour of the exhibition Art or Science

In these post-truth times and era of digital explosion, exchanges between art and science have received increased attention. The role of images in the history of science, however, is often forgotten. The exhibition Art or Science focuses on the connections between art and natural sciences in the 19th and the early 20th centuries, exploring the work of artists and scientists in researching and representing botany and zoology, medicine, climatology, palaeontology etc., in Estonia and the Russian Empire. The broader goal is to acknowledge the significant role of images in creating, shaping and controlling knowledge.

The exhibition has been organised in collaboration between the University of Tartu Museum, the Art Museum of Estonia and the Estonian Academy of Arts. It also features a contemporary contribution by the artist Kristina Norman.

Curators: Jaanika Anderson, Linda Kaljundi, Kadi Polli, Kristiina Tiideberg and Ken Ird
Exhibition design and visual identity: Jaanus Samma
Media graphics: Külli Kaats
Coordinator: Magdaleena Maasik

The tour is part of the programme of Kumu’s 17th birthday.