Drop-in Games with Future Blocks workshop 08/04/2023

Kumu Art Museum
Adult: Kumu Art Museum
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  • Adult ticket with donation: Art Museum of Estonia
Liubov Popova. Composition. 1916–1917. Mystetskyi Arsenal

Drop-in Games with Future Blocks workshop

From 2 to 4 p.m. on 8 April, a drop-in Games with Future Blocks workshop will be held for children and families, which invites both young and old participants to think about our future dreams through the playful creation of objects.

Entry for war refugees is free, based on a document proving their Ukrainian citizenship.

Inspiration for the guided creative activity is drawn from the Futuromarennia: Ukraine and Avant-Garde exhibition, which is focused on the creative aspirations of the futurists, uncertainty about the future (or marennia) and attention related to this process. In the guided workshop, the participants can make geometric blocks in which the words/pictures of their wishes for the future are hidden within futuristic designs. All of the blocks made by the participants will be arranged in a combined work, wherein new variations can be created by repositioning, connecting and disconnecting the blocks, while doing so in ways that the buildings made of the blocks do not collapse! There are different ways to create a joint project. You can create your own mini-object and place it among the blocks of the other participants, thus taking part in the creation of a large collective work. Or you can also participate in the workshop together with your family and friends and create your own smaller combined work that contemplates the future.

Co-organiser of the exhibition: Mystetskyi Arsenal (Kyiv, Ukraine)