Egg Tempera 08/08/2022 | 16:30

Kumu Art Museum
Course fee

Course fee for one participant

Vasakul detail Olav Marani teosest "Gladioole ja teisi lilli." Tempera, 1969. Eesti Kunstimuuseum.
Art course or workshop

Egg Tempera

Thursdays 08.12 and 15.12; 16:30‒19:30
The instructor is the artist and painting restorer Malle-Reet Heidelberg.
The course will be conducted in Estonian, but English translation can be provided.

During the two-part course, participants will learn to paint with egg tempera, which is one of the oldest painting techniques. The pigments are mixed together with a binder, based on various recipes, which might include egg and a small amount of white wine or beer. A similar technique was used for many of the oldest panel paintings and icons. The course will also offer a brief overview of the fascinating world of colour preparation and artworks will be painted on wooden bases which have been hand-primed with a glue and chalk mixture.

The participants can visit the exhibitions free of charge on the days they attend the course.