Entertainment programme “Futu-Dreams” 08/04/2023 – 10/09/2023

Kumu Art Museum
Group price from 180
Elamusprogrammis valminud tulevikumoe kostüümikavand ning inspiratsioon.
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Entertainment programme “Futu-Dreams”

The entertainment programme “Futu-Dreams” brings together a visit to the exhibition Futuromarennia: Ukraine and Avant-Garde and a creative workshop in Kumu art studios. This programme is suitable for groups of friends, birthday parties, and work groups to enjoy a special exhibition visit.

At the exhibition the participants will discover Ukrainian avant-garde art, which strived for modernisation. Radical dreams of the future were strikingly expressive in painting, stage design, architecture, literature and film. Highlights of the exhibition include different designs for theatre costumes. Inspired by these, visitors can express their own fantasies in our art studio by designing paper costumes consisting of geometric shapes and textured materials. After creating your own future fashion everyone can play a part in their own stage production and “try on” their costumes via projector. This workshop is suitable for all skill levels.

Booking required. In Estonian, Ukrainian, Russian and English.
Duration of the programme: 2h

Price for children (up to 12yo) 18 € / per person
Price for teens and adults 20 € / per person
A minimum fee of 180€ / 200€ applies based on a group of 10 people (or less).
Prices apply to groups of up to 20 people; for larger groups an agreement can be arranged.