Experience programme: Escaping One’s Comfort Zone 12/11/2021 – 09/10/2022

Kumu Art Museum
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Experience programme: Escaping One’s Comfort Zone

This is an educational and exciting exhibition visit for friends, birthday guests and work teams.

Imagine it is the year 3022 and Planet Earth is in chaos. The groups of people who had originally stood together for the sustainability of Planet Earth have lost their common goal. In order to prevent the destruction of the planet, it is necessary to together re-establish the original goals. To identify them, we must build on the global goals for sustainable development adopted at the UN summit in the last century* and the messages hidden in works of art. By using your collaborative skills, creativity and logical thinking as tools, complete the various assignments with the help of the clues provided in the exhibition, which can help you escape your comfort zone and save the world by working together.

Escaping One’s Comfort Zone is an exciting game at the Kumu Art Museum exhibition Art in the Comfort Zone? The 2000s in Estonian Art, in which participants can explore such topics as globalisation, the economy, consumption and equality, which are important to modern society based on works of art from the 2000s.

Learn more about sustainable development on the Coalition for Sustainable Development website!

The game is appropriate for adults and children 13 and older.

Pre-booking is necessary, in Estonian, Russian or English.
Duration of the programme: 90 minutes to two hours