Festive White Porcelain 08/12/2022 | 17:00

Kumu Art Museum
Foto: Kumu hariduskeskus
Art course or workshop

Festive White Porcelain

Thursdays 08.12 and 15.12, 17:00‒19:00
Supervisor: Jarõna Ilo
The course will be held in Estonian, but English translation is possible.
During the two-part ceramics course practical dishes or items of jewellery will be created from white porcelain paste, resulting in suitable gifts for friends or family members. During Christmas, a candlestick, a jewellery box or a jewellery ensemble might be a suitable present. The course includes modelling and glazing. After heating and glazing, the resulting objects will be snow white.
On the days of the course, the participants can visit the exhibitions free of charge.