From Mittens to Köler 21/09/2024 – 02/03/2025

Kadriorg Art Museum
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From Mittens to Köler

The exhibition sheds light on the early history of the Art Museum’s collection in the 1920s–1930s, during the first decades of the Republic of Estonia, when ethnographic artefacts, national handicrafts and other items of cultural heritage were collected by the museum, in addition to works of art. The exhibition is dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the Art Museum of Estonia.

Curators: Ulrika Jõemägi, Kersti Kuldna-Türkson and Kristiina Tiideberg
Exhibition design: Liina Unt
Graphic design: Diana Yanson

Collage: J. Köler. Self-Portrait (1859), J. Võerahansu. Horn Blowers (1928), A. K. Kivi. Sacred Oak (ca 1934), C. E. Wetter-Rosenthal. Reaching a Goal (1925), P. Liivak. Gardener (1926), all Art Museum of Estonia collection. E. A. Blumenfeldt. Tallinn in Winter (1926, location unknown), mittens (Estonian National Museum)