HANDMADE the piano experience 22/01/2022 | 18:00

Kadriorg Art Museum
Javier Rodriguez

HANDMADE the piano experience

Javier Rodriguez

The secret of childhood is that it should be there, in the background, contextualising, like a star in the sky.
This is all about “Handmade”, minimalism, piano shimmering like an impressionist painting -a Monet- serves well to ease the juxtaposition of funny stories and moments: the rain, the park, the morning bells, Madame Curie, the ride of the Dalai Lama…

Throughout the recording the piano takes turns in being part of the backdrop, picking out rhythms like raindrops, or playing long sustained melodies.
There were more than 10 “Handmade” recording sessions in his own studio in London, followed by a sold out tour around Europe.

Concerts information on the website www.pekerodriguez.com

Bio of Javier Rodriguez:

Through his ballets, his movie and theatre soundtracks, his compositions for his own ensemble and his wide-ranging collaborations with artists, Javier Rodriguez has had a deep impact upon the contemporary musical life of his times.
Pianist and composer, Javier Rodriguez was born in Cordoba (Spain) and studied piano under Rafael Orozco, one of the most recognized pianists of the XX century.
In December 2014 was appointed Music Director of The World Ballet
He has collaborated with renowned musicians as Ravi Shankar, Sura Susso, Yaroldi Abreu, Jansen Santana, Mutsumi Abe, Helio Delmiro, Modou Toure or Maria de Juan.

Entry: Free (Donate only. All net profit of the event will be donated to Odanadi.org, a trust in India that helps the victims of human trafficking).
Duration: 1h 10minutes.