A Personal Century: Mart Lepp’s Art Collection 21/03/2020 – 08/11/2020

Mikkel Museum
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Peeter Ulas. Art Collector Mart Lepp. 1988. Private collection
Peeter Ulas. Art Collector Mart Lepp. 1988. Private collection

A Personal Century: Mart Lepp’s Art Collection

The exhibition focusses on one of the largest private art collections in Estonia and on its owner, Mart Lepp. The display includes works by contemporary artists and by Estonian art classics from the first half of the 20th century. The exhibition reveals the different layers of the collection and the impulses for its development.

The exhibition focuses on the legacy of beloved and respected artists: Peeter Mudist, Jüri Arrak, Valdur Ohakas and Endel Kõks. In addition, a short documentary by the director Piibe Kolka was completed for the exhibition, and it strives to reveal Mart Lepp as a collector and his entire phenomenon in the local cultural scene, through interviews with Lepp himself, as well as the artists Kaido Ole, Peeter Laurits and Ludmilla Siim.

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The diversity of the art collection is revealed through thematic groupings: surrounding characters, the charm of abstraction, society, cubism, landscape, Paris, the wisdom of darkness and the enchantment of everyday life. All of this provides an idea of the collector’s choices and focuses. Voluminous collections of works by several artists should be highlighted as valuable features of Lepp’s art collection.

Curator: Eda Tuulberg

Exhibition design and graphic design: Peeter Laurits

Special thanks to: Piibe Kolka, Allan Talu, Darja Jefimova, Villu Plink, Margit Pajupuu, Tõnu Uusküla, Ludmilla Siim and Kaido Ole