Kaja Kann’s performance “Rebellion” 27/10/2023 | 18:00

Kumu Art Museum
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Theme event

Kaja Kann’s performance “Rebellion”

Kaja Kann’s performance Rebellion will take place in the Great Hall of Kumu. The performance was inspired by the exhibition Through the Black Gorge of Your Eyes.
There will be an uprising in Rebellion, but the performing artists will simultaneously keep it from turning into a riot. Three artists will weave a large tapestry during the performance. As thread they will be using ropes that they have used before in their stunt work, and as material they will be using worn-out aerial silks and their own three much-used bodies. In the end, performativity and the static picture will intertwine in a very dynamic manner thanks to the bodily material.
Kaja Kann (1973) is an internationally recognised free-lance performance artist whose (visual) language is direct, often black and white and sharp. Her actions have been likened to playing: she seems to be playing a circus, playing music, playing at dancing, or playing at writing a book or a critical article. Kann does not willingly assent to that characterisation, but if pushed she will admit that it is a hell of a serious game: a life-or-death kind of game. Although she uses various materials in her performances, the main focus is always on the interrelations between bodies and materials.
Idea: Kaja Kann
Performers: Kädi Metsoja, Kristin Made and Kaja Kann
Technical solutions: Margus Terasmees
Duration: 45 minutes
The event is part of the public programme of the exhibition Through the Black Gorge of Your Eyes. The exhibition opens a new perspective on the oeuvre of Estonian women graphic artists who emerged in the second half of the 1960s. In addition to relating in various ways to the environments and circumstances of those years, their works and the topics dealt with also fit the current state of art and society. The contemporary performance artists Jette Loona Hermanis, Kaja Kann and Keithy Kuuspu have been invited to performatively relate to the artists and their works.