Konrad Mägi: The Enigma of Painting 12/03/2022 – 29/05/2022

Kunstforeningen GL STRAND, Copenhagen
Konrad Mägi. Norwegian Landscape with a Pine Tree. Detail. 1908–1910. Art Museum of Estonia

Konrad Mägi: The Enigma of Painting

The Estonian modernist Konrad Mägi (1878–1925) is the most significant representative of the Golden Age of Estonian painting and a notable colourist with a distinctive approach to capturing the mystery and grandeur of nature. He is also one of the more neglected artists of modernism, and his works have only now begun to arouse international interest.

In the major spring exhibition at GL STRAND, the public can appreciate the work of Konrad Mägi through more than 70 carefully selected artworks from the artist’s extensive life’s work, demonstrating his unique position in his national context. The retrospective exhibition is presented in close collaboration with EMMA, Helsinki, and Art Museum Estonia – Kumu Art Museum.

Curator: Pilvi Kalhama (EMMA)
Graphic design: Milla Rissanen
Coordinaator: Magdaleena Maasik (Art Museum of Estonia)