Konrad Mägi. Unseen Paintings 27/08/2022 – 18/09/2022

Mikkel Museum
Adult: Mikkeli Museum
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  • Adult ticket with donation: Art Museum of Estonia
Konrad Mägi. Saaremaa. Detail. 1913–1914. Oil. Museum of Estonians Abroad (Toronto)

Konrad Mägi. Unseen Paintings

In recent years, dozens of paintings by Konrad Mägi (1878–1925) have been discovered that the public has never seen before, or that were known only through reproductions. The works have been found in Estonia, Canada, Sweden and elsewhere. This exhibition introduces unexhibited paintings from almost all of the artist’s creative periods, which supplement our understanding of Mägi’s heritage.

Coordinators: Eero Epner and Aleksandra Murre

In cooperation with the Konrad Mägi Foundation

The exhibition is open Tue–Sun, from 10 am to 8 pm