Kumu 17: Painting with Invisible Ink 19/02/2023

Kumu Art Museum
Sünnipäeva erihind

Piletid müügil muuseumi kassas

Foto: Kumu hariduskeskus
Art course or workshop

Kumu 17: Painting with Invisible Ink

Drop-in workshop to celebrate the 17th anniversary of Kumu. We will explore opportunities to create unique works of art using a simple chemistry experiment.

The exhibition Art or Science offers insight into the relationship between art, mathematics and natural sciences in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and the workshop brings art and science together.
You need to have about 30 minutes available to participate.

Everyone interested in experimenting with art, young or adult, is welcome. Children eight years of age or younger should be accompanied by an adult.

Workshop languages: Estonian, Russian and English