Kumu Documentary: Delikado 19/04/2023

Kumu Art Museum
Arhiiv_Kumu Dokk

Kumu Documentary: Delikado

Location: Kumu auditorium

Dir Karl Malakunas
USA, Australia, Philippines, UK and Hong Kong 2022, 94 min
In English and Filipino, with English subtitles
Introduction by Mari Sild.

The island of Palawan in the Philippines contains one of the oldest, largest and most diverse rainforests in the world. It is also one of the most dangerous places to be a land defender. On this majestic tropical island, environmental crusaders confront murder and betrayal, and battle to save their home island for the next generation.

Delikado is a timely environmental thriller showing how corrupt corporate and political interests are swallowing small indigenous communities around the globe by diminishing their resources and limiting their power, one tree at a time.

Entrance free of charge.

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