Kumu Documentary: Each and Every Moment 12/01/2022 | 18:00

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Each and Every Moment
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Kumu Documentary: Each and Every Moment

Dir Nicolas Philibert
France 2018, 105 min
In French, with Estonian and English subtitles
Introduction by Kristi Puusepp and Siiri Maasen.

Director Nicolas Philibert’s documentary follows new French nursing students from their very first steps and training to when they receive their diplomas. Viewers will feel as if they are in the same room with the students and are discovering this intriguing and commendable profession alongside them. In the beginning, the study process is filled with delightful unease and blunders: they learn how to hold a syringe (a number of times when injecting the study dolls, they miss the spot or end up with bent syringes), how to ensure the sterility of procedures and how to lift a paralysed patient from one chair to another in a way that even a petite female nurse can manage.

As the film progresses, viewers will witness development interviews with teachers and mentors that take place after their final training in various locations, from a psychiatry clinic to a department of oncology. Seeing the development, enthusiasm and desire of these young people feels incredible, although the profession they have chosen is full of stress and is very difficult. Besides cheering their improvements, we can also sympathise with the hardships, hesitance and breaking points of the young nurses. During their training, many also witness death at first hand for the first time, which definitely leaves its mark.

In 2019, Each and Every Moment was nominated for the César Award as best documentary film.

The film night is organised in collaboration with the French Institute of Estonia.

Entrance free of charge.
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