Kumu Documentary: Gunda 17/02/2021 | 19:30

Kumu Art Museum
Kaader filmist "Gunda"

Kumu Documentary: Gunda

Dir Viktor Kosakovskiy
Norway, USA 2020, 93 min
Without dialogues
Introduction by Kristina Mering

Gunda slowly stops, looks towards the camera and lets out a deep grunt. Gunda is a sow, one of the hundred million of her species worldwide. She lives on a farm in Norway, cares for her young offspring and shares meadows with a few chickens and a small herd of cattle. But what is really going on inside her? In his latest work, the film essayist Victor Kossakovsky places himself at the level of his protagonists and, with poetic images, patiently follows the creatures’ lives on the farm to uncover the secret world of animal feelings. Accompanied by minimal sounds, the softly radiating black and white images speak for themselves, creating a visionary film experience of touching urgency.


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