Kumu Documentary: Inside Prora 16/02/2022 | 18:00

Kumu Art Museum
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Kumu Documentary: Inside Prora

Dir Nico Weber
Germany 2020, 100 min
In German and English, with English subtitles

Introduction by Robert Treufeldt

Known as the “Monster by the Sea” and the “Colossus of Rügen”, at 4.5 kilometres Prora is thought to be the longest building in the world. It was planned as a seaside resort during the National Socialist era, transformed after the Second World War into one of the largest barracks in the GDR, and long abandoned after the reunification of Germany. Nowadays, hotels and holiday flats are emerging in the heritage-listed building on one of Germany’s most beautiful beaches.

The film explores the complex and reveals its various historical, architectural and psychological layers. Inside Prora makes surprising connections between this building and people, societies, modern architecture and the phenomenon of mass tourism. The film travels through space and time, but always returns to Prora. In stunning present-day and historical images, the director describes how the idea of Prora originated directly from examples in Italy, and establishes references to skyscraper architecture in New York.

The film night is organised in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Estland.

Entrance free of charge.
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