Kumu Documentary: Into the Ice 12/10/2022 | 18:00

Kumu Art Museum
Kumu Documentary. Into the Ice. Photo: Lars H. Ostenfeld
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Kumu Documentary: Into the Ice

Location: Kumu auditorium

Dir Lars Henrik Ostenfeld
Denmark, Germany 2022, 86 min
In English and Danish, with English subtitles
Introduction by Professor Emeritus at Tallinn University of Technology, Chairman of the Estonian Polar Research Committee Rein Vaikmäe.

Despite many years of research, we still do not know exactly how fast the Greenland ice sheet is melting.

This is the question director Lars Henrik Ostenfeld hopes to answer when he sets out on an expedition with three of the world’s leading glaciologists. The journey takes them 180 metres down one of the major “Moulin” holes in the ice sheet – further than any human has ever gone before.

Into the Ice is an enlightening adventure, a scientific film about one of the greatest challenges of our time: the inevitable rise in sea levels.


Entrance free of charge.

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