Kumu Documentary: Modernism, Inc. 07/02/2024

Kumu Art Museum

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Kumu Documentary: Modernism, Inc.
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Kumu Documentary: Modernism, Inc.

Dir Jason Andrew Cohn
USA 2023, 78 min
In English

The mid-century architect and designer Eliot Noyes (1910‒1977) built the design programmes for some of America’s most powerful postwar corporations. Educated by Walter Gropius at Harvard, Noyes brought a modernist approach to corporate America. His impact on such companies as IBM and Mobil paved the way for Apple and many of the other design-conscious brands we know today.

The film tells Noyes’s story during the period of postwar economic expansion and culminates in the backlash against Noyes and his generation during the countercultural upheaval of the Vietnam era.


Entrance free of charge.

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