Kumu Documentary: Richard Leplastrier: Framing the View 09/02/2022 | 18:00

Kumu Art Museum
Richard Leplastrier_OsborneHouse_MichaelNicholson
Arhiiv_Kumu Dokk

Kumu Documentary: Richard Leplastrier: Framing the View

Dir Anna Cater
Australia 2020, 73 min
In English
Introduction by architect Mari Hunt

Trained by Jørn Utzon and Kenzō Tange, his architecture exudes the ingenuity and serenity of both masters. A beautiful film about a virtually unknown architect with a fantastic body of work and an intriguing life. Houses that blend in with nature, with movable roofs and walls so that the houses can “breathe”. Richard Leplastrier’s detailed and innovative investigative interests can be found in all of his (wooden) constructions. An infectious portrait of an architect who dares to go against the hectic whims of the times.

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