Kumu Documentary: Awarded Films of the XXXV Pärnu Film Festival 26/01/2022 | 18:00

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Kumu Documentary: Awarded Films of the XXXV Pärnu Film Festival

Introduction by Mark Soosaar

Studies at Huningue: Basel or the Tree of Sleep
Best short documentary
Dir Lutz P. Kayser
Germany 2019, 10 min
In German and French, with English subtitles

The short essay film is an artistic documentation of aesthetic swarm intelligence. The film-maker suspects that starlings do their meditative looping flight just for his camera. Is it an artistic performance or a biological statement by the birds?


Best student documentary
Dir Adam Buka
Poland 2019, 18 min
In Polish, with English subtitles

The intimate world of five siblings from a Warsaw block of flats. Lives filled with fairy tales, kids’ daily routines, spitting cherry pits off a balcony, and impatiently awaiting a new family member. This story, narrated from a child’s point of view, illustrates the value of parental love, focusing especially on the stage of growing up when mum is the centre of the child’s universe.


A Man and a Camera
Grand Prix
Dir Guido Hendrikx
The Netherlands 2021, 64 min
In Dutch, with English subtitles

A playful doc by an author who hides behind his camera, creating a portrait of the Dutch people as curious and warm individuals. To reveal his protagonists, Guido Hendrikx uses a kind of key no film-maker has ever used before. Let’s be curious as well and see where the author will reach with his camera.

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