Kumu Documentary: The True Story of King Tut’s Treasure 04/11/2020 | 18:00

Kumu Art Museum
Scene from "The True Story of King Tut’s Treasure"

Kumu Documentary: The True Story of King Tut’s Treasure

Location: Kumu Auditorium

Director Frédéric Wilner
France 2019, 52 min
In French with English subtitles
Introduction by Jaanika Anderson.

On 4 November 1922, Howard Carter and his team found a staircase leading to Tutankhamun’s tomb. Everything that followed is history. Tutankhamun became a superstar and symbol of ancient Egypt, known to all as King Tut.

It will soon be 100 years since the tomb was discovered. A number of research projects have been launched for the occasion, and in selected cities, audience records are being broken by a travelling exhibition of Tutankhamun’s treasures; at the end of the tour the objects will find their permanent place in the new Egyptian Museum in Cairo, overlooking the pyramids of Giza. The recently completed film tells the story of Tutankhamun’s treasure and the latest research on it, and describes the preparations for moving objects to the new museum. In the process, new clues are emerging, in the light of which Tutankhamun’s well-known tale needs to be reconsidered.

The film session will be introduced by Jaanika Anderson, a classical philologist, researcher of antique heritage and the research director of the University of Tartu Museum.

The event is part of the public programme of the exhibition “Egypt of Glory”.

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