SOLD OUT! Notebook binding workshop 20/02/2022 | 13:00

Kumu Art Museum
Birthday special
Foto: IKIGI @köitegaraaž

SOLD OUT! Notebook binding workshop

The workshop is part of Kumu’s 16th birthday programme.

During the workshop, participants will learn how to bind handy notebooks and how to make different covers for them using origami techniques.

This year, the theme of Kumu’s birthday is the environment, green thinking and sustainability. On 20 February, the focus will be on 90s and 00s exhibitions, and the notebooks will be made with sustainable and waste materials with 90s and 00s prints.

The workshop instructor, IKIGI @köitegaraaž, captivates the world with stories starring handmade, inventive and sustainable paper products. IKIGI is located in the ARS Art Factory, where every visitor can also take part in paper and bindery workshops or find solutions and realisations for their own special orders.

The workshop is suitable for adults and youngsters from the age of 14.

The workshop will be held in Estonian, with English translation available. Participation with a museum ticket.