Overture to Sculpture 14/01/2022 – 08/05/2022

Kadriorg Art Museum
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Overture to Sculpture

For the first time, this exhibition offers visitors the chance to see the museum’s collection of European and Russian sculptures. The exhibits are grouped by provenance: copies of classical sculptures from Estonian manor houses, works by renowned 19th-century masters, which once decorated the homes of affluent families, and Socialist Realist sculptures from the Soviet period, including portraits of famous people and figures reflecting the ideology of the time. The exhibits are displayed in the context of the periods in which they were made so that visitors can better judge the mastery and meaning of these works. Alongside three-dimensional artworks, the display includes engravings, drawings and historical photos depicting sculptures, which help explain the significance of sculpture copies, replicas and reproductions for art education and art collecting. Many of the works are being shown for the first time at the museum.

A part of the exhibition features a space where visitors can see conservators at work, cleaning and restoring sculptures. On Wednesdays 13.00–16.00. 



Curators: Maria Väinsar and Anu Allikvee
Exhibition design: Mari Kurismaa
Graphic design: Külli Kaats
Coordinators: Aleksandra Murre and Renita Raudsepp