Panel discussion “Decoloniality and Art Historical Alliances in Eastern Europe” 09/09/2023 | 16:00

Kumu Art Museum
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Panel discussion “Decoloniality and Art Historical Alliances in Eastern Europe”

On Saturday, 9 September at 4 pm a discussion panel on the topic “Decoloniality and Art Historical Alliances in Eastern Europe” will take place in the Kumu Art Museum.

The participants will be Kateryna Botanova, a Basel-based cultural critic, curator and writer from Kyiv; Margaret Tali, an art historian, cultural theorist and lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Arts; and Anna Łazar, a curator of the Ukrainian and international programme Free Word (Wolne Słowo) in Gdańsk, the Capital of Literature.
The panel will be moderated by Ieva Astahovska, a Latvian art scholar, critic and curator.

Video: Panel discussion

The panel discussion will take place at the exhibition “Futuromarennia: Ukraine and Avant-Garde” and is part of the public programme of the exhibition.

How does the decolonial perspective engage in the processes of art and art history in Eastern Europe, and in the work and programmes of its institutions? How can it help in the revision of existing knowledge and the development of new or alternative perspectives in the field of art and its heritage in the region? How can exhibitions and art projects engage in understanding and addressing today’s crises and strengthen cultural and political solidarity in the region?

In this conversation the participants, art historians from Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic states, will discuss decolonial perspectives and their potential in the programmes of art institutions, museum collections and cultural heritage work in Eastern Europe. They will map the context and relations between local, regional and global art spaces and their artistic positions, which can help to build alternative models to the centre-periphery logic, as well as to bring about change through more effective art world alliances and closer cooperation in the region.

The exhibition “Futuromarennia: Ukraine and Avant-Garde” displays innovative artistic visions of the future that were born in Ukraine in the 1910s and 1920s.

The event is supported by ICOM Estonia.