Patterns of Motion on Paper 11/10/2021

Kumu Art Museum
Workshop fee

Fee for one participant

Liikumismustrid paberil, katsetused. Foto: Merle Nisuma
Bellisi Seenemaa. Studies. Photo: Merle Nisuma

Patterns of Motion on Paper

An experimental workshop involves the whole body in the process of drawing. Various sounds and musical pieces will be used to explore the motion of the body. The course will be conducted in Estonian, but English translation can be provided.

Participants will assume the roles of pencils or paintbrushes, in order to draw patterns on paper based on the rhythm of the music. By allowing the sounds to inspire us, we will attempt to involve the entire body in a process that will result in large-scale drawings. This workshop is like a weird dance party that will take you far into the landscape of sounds without requiring any previous experience in art or dancing. The only requirement is the desire to experiment! The event will take place in Kumu’s black box, where the 245 seats will be empty: so come dance like nobody is watching!

The participants should be aware that the workshop will partially take place on the floor.

The workshop is part of the public programme of the Kumu Art Museum’s exhibition Up All Night: Looking Closely at Rave Culture.

The instructor, Belliisi Seenemaa, is a freelance artist who has studied textile art, decoration and art education in the Tartu Art College and the Pallas University of Applied Sciences. She has also supplemented her classical education with courses in art therapy.

The participants can visit the exhibitions free of charge on the days they attend the workshop.