Project Space I: Virtual Guide. 20 Comments 17/02/2021 – 20/03/2022

Kumu Art Museum
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Still frame from the video installation

Project Space I: Virtual Guide. 20 Comments

Location: 3rd floor, A-wing, Project Space 1

This exhibition is a part of the permanent exhibition “Landscapes of Identity: Estonian Art 1700–1945”.

The new permanent exhibition of Kumu will be accompanied by two project spaces, where during the upcoming years one can see smaller-scale exhibitions by different curators, exploring various facets of Estonian art history.

In the first project space, the video installation “Virtual Guide. 20 comments” will be opening alongside the new permanent exhibiton, likewise curated by Linda Kaljundi and Kadi Polli, with the videos directed by Stella Saarts. The installation consists of 20 short videos where artists, art historians and other experts comment on prominent topics and themes featured in the permanent exhibition. 

Curators: Linda Kaljundi, Kadi Polli
Director: Stella Saarts
Translator: AVP Stuudio

Tiina Abel, Eero Epner, Linda Kaljundi, Mart Kalm, Andres Kasekamp, Lola Annabel Kass, Katrin Kivimaa, Krista Kodres, Eha Komissarov, Kristi Kongi, Mai Levin, Marge Monko, Aleksandra Murre, Kristina Norman, Kadi Polli, Bart Pushaw, Liis Pählapuu, Tõnis Saadoja, Aro Velmet, David Vseviov

We Thank:
Rasmus Kosseson, Björn OÜ