Quiet mornings at Kumu 24/10/2020 | 10:00

Kumu Art Museum
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Külastajad Kumu kunstimuuseumis. Foto: Eesti Kunstimuuseum
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Quiet mornings at Kumu

Once a month on a Saturday morning from 10 am to 12 pm, the Kumu Art Museum adapts to the needs of people with sensory hypersensitivity and autism and to all other visitors who enjoy a quieter experience in the museum.

On quiet mornings:

  • we turn down the sound of the loudest artworks in Kumu;
  • we provide a floor plan with an adapted sign system, informing our visitors about the lighting, sound level and accessibility of our rooms;
  • we do not book any tour groups or workshops for schoolchildren;
  • we set up a quiet area in the education centre for rest and recuperation.

Additional questions and information (in Estonian and English)

Eva-Erle Lilleaed

Head of the Education Centre