Short English tour at the exhibition “Creating the Self” 15/02/2020 | 16:00

Kumu Art Museum
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Exhibition tour

Short English tour at the exhibition “Creating the Self”

On Saturday at 4 pm, there will be held a short English tour at the exhibition “Creating the Self: Emancipating Woman in Estonian and Finnish Art”.


This is the largest exposition of artworks by Estonian female artists. It sheds light on a great deal of little-known material and establishes a dialogue with the works of Finnish female artists. The exhibition is the result of collaboration with the Ateneum Art Museum. “Creating the Self” focuses on the changes in the self-awareness and social positions of women that started in the 19th century and are echoed in the activities of female artists, as well as in the way women are depicted. Works by Julie Hagen Schwarz, Sally von Kügelgen, Karin Luts, Natalie Mei, Lydia Mei, Aino Bach, Olga Terri, Maria Wiik, Helene Schjerfbeck, Sigrid Schauman, Elga Sesemann, Ellen Thesleff, Tove Jansson, Tuulikki Pietilä and others are displayed for the public.


Curators: Tiina Abel and Anu Allas