Summer Tour: Michel Sittow in the North? 02/06/2023 | 13:00

Niguliste Museum
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Michel Sittow's workshop. The Holy Kinship altarpiece. Detail. 510-1520. Bollnäs Church, Sweden
Exhibition tour

Summer Tour: Michel Sittow in the North?

Summer tour in english is given by the curator of the Niguliste museum Kerttu Palginõmm.

This exhibition “Michel Sittow in the North? Altarpieces in Dialogue” examines for the first time, the activities and possible works of the Tallinn workshop of the renowned artist in dialogue with the other international masters operating in Tallinn during the same time period. The key works that reveal these themes are the Bollnäs Holy Kinship altarpiece and the Tallinn Passion altarpiece.

The Old Town Days tour explores the stories and meanings behind the two artworks in a broader context, comparing them with other contemporary artworks from Tallinn and nearby regions. The focus is on Sittow’s work in his home town and the role of Tallinn as an artistic centre in the Late Middle Ages.

The renowned Tallinn-born artist Michel Sittow (ca 1469–1525), who was active in royal courts of Europe during the Late Middle Ages, worked in his home town for more than fifteen years. In the courts of Southern and Northern Europe, he painted portraits of kings and high ranking noblemen; in Tallinn, he undertook commissions from the local merchants and the town council, as well as from churches of the Nordic countries.