Mixed Choir HUIK!, Female Chamber Choir Muusad, Project choir 19/05/2024 | 18:00

Niguliste Museum
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Mixed Choir HUIK!, Female Chamber Choir Muusad, Project choir

TASAKAAL! (balance)
Mixed Choir HUIK!, Female Chamber Choir Muusad, Project choir

Conductor Ode Pürg


Arnold Schönberg. „Friede auf Erden“ op. 13
Christine Donkin. „Magnificat“
Frank Martin. Mass for Double Choir a cappella

Join us for the concert program “TASAKAAL!” (Estonian for balance) featuring some of the finest a cappella vocal masterpieces. The core of the program aims to inspire finding balance in our shared space and within ourselves.

Drawing from Conrad Ferdinand Meyer’s text, Arnold Schönberg’s piece “Friede auf Erden” acknowledges the inherent darkness that accompanies our world – even the present is no exception. Yet, the hope for peace and the dream of an ideal world persist, with balance within ourselves serving as a source and, consequently, fostering balance around us.

While musically contrasting, the three pieces performed at the concert may ultimately guide us towards finding balance, especially through their contrasts.

2024 marks the 50th anniversary of Frank Martin’s passing and the 150th anniversary of Arnold Schönberg’s birth.