The Art of Adapting 15/09/2023 – 03/03/2024

Kadriorg Art Museum
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Collage of works: Johann Elias Ridinger. Two Deer. 1768. Art Museum of Estonia; Johann Elias Ridinger. Deer. Ca 1740. Art Museum of Estonia; Elo-Reet Järv. Green Nest. 1989. Estonian Artists’ Association

The Art of Adapting

The Art of Adapting explores how we habitually perceive, interpret and value natural environments and our co-species. The exhibition observes the approaches of contemporary artists to nature appreciation and the de-aestheticising of nature rooted in ecological aesthetics and ecofeminism.

The borders between humanity and the natural environment are shifted in the exhibition halls with the help of art: critical contemporary artists and works from the collections of the Art Museum of Estonia provoke discussions on biodiversity, variability, co-species, dependency relationships, eco-anxiety and sustainability. In dialogue with the above-mentioned artworks, contemporary artists and old masters give viewers food for thought: what was the natural environment like in previous centuries, how have artists approached the environment, and how has this approach altered under the changing environmental conditions?

Several interpretations are rooted in the artists’ personal relationships with consumption and their use of materials, conveying a wish to come up with more hopeful future scenarios.

At the core of the exhibition is also the adaptability of the participants and compilers: they have used pre-existing works and design elements or have adapted, rediscovered and placed them into new environments.

One of the aims of this exhibition is to think about sustainable curating and a sustainable culture industry (low costs and productivity, existing works of art and slow transport), which would lead us towards a more viable cultural sector.

Exhibition booklet

PDF: Booklet


Curators: Madli Ehasalu and Triin Metsla
Artists: Sophie Durand, Elo-Reet Järv, Sandra Kosorotova, Kärt Ojavee, Uku Sepsivart, Denisa Štefanigová, Paco Ulman and Kristina Õllek
Designer: Siim Karro
Graphic designer: Tuuli Aule
Exhibition team: Anu Allikvee, Aleksander Meresaar, Aleksandra Murre and Kerttu Männiste
Educational programmes: Ilona Kroon, Eneli Raal and Berta Vahtra