CANCELLED! The Ghost of Wiiralt 09/03/2021 | 17:30

Kumu Art Museum
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print by Eduard Wiiralt depicting grotesque heads
Eduard Wiiralt. Hell (1st trial impression). 1930. Art Museum of Estonia
Art course or workshop

CANCELLED! The Ghost of Wiiralt

During the three-part printmaking course, participants will learn how to prepare an etched printing plate and to print from it.
The instructor, Piret Smagar

Ideas will be acquired from the oeuvre of Estonia’s most renowned printmaker, Eduard Wiiralt. His works are distinguished by very expressive animals and a decadent cast of characters. Etching is an intaglio technique where the plate is covered with an acid-resistant varnish and a drawing is scraped onto the plate with a needle. The plate is then placed into acid and the lines are etched into the metal. Etching allows for multiple corrosions in which lines that have been in acid for longer are stronger and wider. The paint is applied to a completed plate so that it stays in the recessed lines. The image is transferred from the metal plate onto paper using an intaglio press.

This course is part of the public programme of the Kumu Art Museum’s new permanent exhibition Landscapes of Identity: Estonian Art 1700–1945.

The instructor, Piret Smagar, is a printmaker and illustrator who studied in the Estonian State Art Institute and has supplemented her skills in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

The course will be held in Estonian, but English translation is possible.

On the days of the course, the participants can visit the exhibitions free of charge.