Traces of Nature on Clay 21/10/2021 | 17:00

Kumu Art Museum
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Course fee for one participant

loodusmotiividega saviesemed
Leaf motifs in clay. Photo: Jarõna Ilo
Art course or workshop

Traces of Nature on Clay

The course will be conducted in Estonian, but English translation can be provided.
For the two-part course, plant materials found in early autumn nature are used, including leaves, straw, twigs and autumn flowers, which are used to create interesting patterns in clay. A sheet of clay decorated with natural motifs can be made into a mug and saucer with a pleasing design.

During the first lesson, the material is worked, and during the second, the items are glazed in a pleasing shade under the guidance of the master of the ceramics studio.
All of the necessary supplies will be provided, but anyone who wishes can bring materials from their gardens.

The instructor is Jarõna Ilo, the master of the Kumu ceramics studio.
The course takes place on 21 and 28 October  from 17.00 to 19.00.

The participants can visit the exhibitions free of charge on the days they attend the course.