Untold Stories, Embroidered Thoughts 11/03/2020 | 17:30

Kumu Art Museum

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Art course or workshop

Untold Stories, Embroidered Thoughts

The course will be held in Estonian, but English translation is possible.

A two-part creative embroidery course in which we will use handicrafts to express viewpoints and thoughts discreetly. Embroidery is often considered to be merely a handicraft but it can also be seen as a form of meditation. In this course, you can create an embroidered piece showing what you would like to express but have not dared yet. You can also embroider wise words that one should not forget or a meaningless slogan from fast fashion clothes, providing the words a new meaning through handwork.

We will provide you with all of the supplies, but you may bring your own items of clothing or pieces of fabric.

Instructor: Hanna Piksarv
Price €46
Takes place on Wednesdays, 11.03 and 18.03, from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm