Welcome Tour: Contemporary Art Exhibition “(Un)Balanced” 01/08/2024 | 11:00

Adamson-Eric Museum
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Exhibition tour

Welcome Tour: Contemporary Art Exhibition “(Un)Balanced”

The guided tour in English at the exhibition of contemporary art “(Un)Balanced: Exhibition About Noticing and Peace of Mind” is led by the art historian and curator Karin Vicente.
This exhibition deals with the issue of looking after mental health. It invites us to reflect on how to maintain a balance between joys and sorrows, work and leisure, and how to cope with changes or difficulties. Painful topics include loneliness, exhaustion and burnout, but the works displayed also encourage viewers to see the brighter side of life and to find joy in everyday moments. The exhibition features works by eight contemporary artists: Ingrid Allik, Merle Kannus, Flo Kasearu, Karel Koplimets, Urmas Lüüs, Piret Räni, Maret Sarapu and Sigrid Viir.
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