Published 29/09/2021 | 16:32

This week our research team is in Bollnäs Church in northern Sweden

Project members in Bollnäs Church. Photo: Ingrid Augrell

This week, the team of the art historical research project “Michel Sittow in the North?”, consisting of international researchers and experts, met in Bollnäs Church in northern Sweden.

During the week that focused on art historical and technical research (from 27.09 till 02.10.2021), a day of experts took place on Tuesday, with art historians and conservators from Estonia, Sweden, Germany and Belgium participating, including Jan Friedrich Richter, Till-Holger Borchert, Håkan Lindberg, Herman Bengtsson, as well as the members of the Estonian and Swedish research teams. A seminar and a press event took place on Thursday, opened by Karin Johannesson, the Bishop of Uppsala. Next to art historical research, the Estonian team conducts research on the Bollnäs altarpiece using imaging techology, which provides new information and reference material for comparison with the Tallinn Passion Altarpiece in the Niguliste Museum, as well as other works attributed to Michel Sittow.